Oy Weldmec Ab is a family owned company founded in 1996 with expertise in metal fabrication and works. Located in Porvoo, Weldmec specialises in fabrication of aluminium and steel materials for component production and end products. We produce subcontracting services mainly for marine industry. Our business adheres to ISO 9001:2008 quality management standards.

Our strong expertise enables a flexible management of customised projects along with efficient manufacturing of equipment to end products.

We have special knowledge in design and producing different hydraulic ensembles.

As our own products, we design and manufacture aluminium and steel work boats. In addition, our range includes waterway maintenance vessels, lift barges, floating structures and other equipment and structures suitable for sea conditions. Our vessels are always produced according to the latest requirements of Nordic standards for work boats. If required, the vessels can be produced in accordance to a classification certification body of the customer’s choice, for instance, to the standards of Bureau Veritas or Russian Maritime Register of Shipping.

We also manufacture aluminium and steel work boats and other end products as “turn key” subcontract services to our key customers. These projects are completed by utilising our design services or the customer’s plans, and with a delivery of the end product. One significant product category is the production of equipment for oil collection at sea.

Design and machinery

We use AutoCad, Pro Engineering and Pro Surf software for the design of boats and equipment. The boats we produce are modelled in 3D, which enables us to get drawings of the composition with accurate measurements. These will be used in manufacturing of the parts by water cutting. In addition to normal machinery for metal works, we also have a 2 x 4 m ALIKO water cutter. Our welding machinery is especially suited for aluminium production and mainly consists of Fronius welding mechines.